Unveiling the Mystery: Who Owns 1xBit and What Does WHOIS Say?

1xbit redstart
1xbit redstart

In the intricate labyrinth of online gambling, understanding who operates and owns platforms can be a daunting task, swathed in a mystique of holding entities, oblique legal contours, and shrouded domain registrations.

One such enigmatic entity in this digital realm is the cryptocurrency-based betting platform, 1xBit. In an effort to demystify the ownership of 1xBit, we delve deep into WHOIS records, IP locations, and navigate the complicated web of global regulatory frameworks.

Navigating the WHOIS Records

1xbit whois

A deep dive into the WHOIS records provides a revealing insight into 1xBit’s operational foundation. The records illuminate an intriguing trail, leading to an IP location anchored in Seychelles, attributed to Redstart Group Holding Ltd. The narrative thickens with a multitude of domains—over a hundred—being hosted across an array of IP addresses linked to this entity.

1xbit redstart

Specifically, the allocated IP ranges from to, manifesting a vast network. A more granular examination reveals connections extending towards an ISP based in Iran, operated by Raya Sepehr Vira Data Processing Company Ltd.

Iran: The Intersection of Legal Complexities

Engagement in business endeavors with Iran intersects with a web of stringent regulatory scrutiny and sanctions, levied by formidable global bodies such as the United States, the European Union, and the United Nations. Companies navigating the Iranian business landscape must tread meticulously, ensuring compliance with a multitude of global and country-specific sanctions.

The U.S., for example, maintains a rigorous stance, generally prohibiting transactions and dealings involving Iranian entities, which encompasses businesses under the ownership or influence of the Iranian government.

The Repercussions of Iranian Business Engagement

Entities found navigating the contours of these sanctions unlawfully can be subject to a barrage of severe repercussions, ranging from crippling fines to prohibitive business operational restrictions. Moreover, the shadow of reputational damage looms large, potentially impacting customer trust and business partnerships adversely.

About Raya Sepehr Vira Data Processing Company Ltd.

In a digital ecosystem where data reigns supreme, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and data processing entities emerge as essential architects of the online world. One such entity that has surfaced in the intricate web of online networks is Raya Sepehr Vira Data Processing Company Ltd., a name that has emerged in connection with various online platforms, including the cryptocurrency betting site, 1xBit.

Location and Network:

Raya Sepehr Vira Data Processing, based on available data, seems to have operations connected to Iran. The company appears to be involved in providing internet services, given its ISP designation, and is linked with specific IP ranges that are utilized by various websites and platforms.

Association with 1xBit:

The association between Raya Sepehr Vira Data Processing and 1xBit becomes clear when investigating the WHOIS records and IP locations of the 1xBit website. The IP associated with 1xBit has been linked back to this company, adding a layer of complexity given the legal and regulatory considerations of doing business associated with Iran.

Navigating Regulatory Waters:

Operating within, or having associations with Iran’s business landscape, comes with its unique set of challenges. International sanctions and regulatory hurdles, especially those imposed by powerful entities like the United States, make the business operations in this region somewhat complicated. Companies and individuals interacting or doing business with Iranian entities must exhibit extreme diligence to ensure they navigate within the legal boundaries defined by international regulations and sanctions.

Unveiling Further Details:

Raya Sepehr Vira Data Processing emerges as a notable node in the interconnected web of online platforms and ISPs. Its association with platforms such as 1xBit necessitates a more in-depth exploration to understand the broader operational landscape and regulatory adherence fully.

The nuanced role of ISPs, particularly in the sphere of online gambling and betting platforms, underscores the significance of understanding the legal and regulatory nuances of such associations in the context of global internet governance and commerce.

Conclusion: The Mystery Partially Unveiled

As we reach the end of our exploration, the WHOIS records have indeed been a lantern, casting light upon the obscured paths of 1xBit’s ownership and operational foundations. What we discovered is a pathway that leads to an intersection of networks marked by the presence of Raya Sepehr Vira Data Processing Company Ltd., a company that emanates from the lands of Iran.

While the records have carved paths through the shadows, illuminating corners, they have also bred a new level of caution. A nuanced tapestry of legal considerations blankets the operations associated with Iran, a country entangled in the complicated vines of global sanctions and regulatory watchfulness. The association with an Iranian ISP brings forth the imperative question of legal legitimacy and regulatory compliance, given the stringent international sanctions that shroud Iran in a realm of business uncertainty.

For entities and individuals contemplating interaction or engagement with platforms such as 1xBit, this revelation necessitates a heightened awareness and thoughtful caution.

Navigating through these operational channels demands a meticulous understanding of the legal landscapes, an unwavering vigilance, and an agile adaptation to the perpetual oscillations of international regulations and sanctions.

The unveiling of this association underscores the importance of vigilant scrutiny, continuous exploration, and an adherence to the prevailing winds of legal mandates and international guidelines.

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